Magical Lake Tekapo

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Ever heard of Lake Tekapo?

No? This post is for you, because Lake Tekapo is a must go when you are traveling in New Zealand.

Personally, I think Lake Tekapo is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. As the name suggests, Lake Tekapo has a big lake, and besides that it also has an amazing night view.

I would like to share my travelling experience with you using this short post. And hopefully trigger your interests of going there yourself. It’s definitely worth the trip.

How to go there?

The lake is in the center of the south island of New Zealand. It is approx. 2 hours drive from Christchuch (the only international airport in the south island).

See the red balloon? That’s Lake Tekapo.

My recommendation is to rent a camper van in Christchuch and drive all the way to Lake Tekapo. Why? Because this is the view you can enjoy along the way.

Large, beautiful farms.
Lake Tekapo in daylight, I’m the one with the yellow hat.
A photo taken near lake Tekapo while I was traveling in New Zealand.
Me with my rented camper van. Surrounded by nature.

Where to stay?

With a camper van, there is only 1 option for you. The Lake Tekapo Motels & Holiday Park!

Lake Tekapo Motels & Holiday Park, just by the lake.

This kind of park is tailor designed for camper vans. You can rent a “powered site” and park your van there. The park has bathrooms, kitchens, BBQ space, etc.

What to see?

The Lake, the milky way and the lake under the milky way.

Besides that, there is a very small church — the good shepherd church — located near the lake. It is a very small church, but somehow fit right into the surroundings.

Here are some photos I took while I was there.

Lakeside, 100 steps away from my Power Site.
The park has some small stone chairs. Cozy.
The Good Shepard Church. Under the Milky Way.
Another photo of the church.


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