ChatGPT not a hit on college campuses, yet

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Despite a cyclone of headlines and hype, ChatGPT remains almost as unpopular on campus as the overachiever who asks a question when the professor is about to end class. Well, those college kids are slow to catch up, I guess.

In a survey of 520 US college students, a Morning Brew/Generation Lab poll found that 40% have never heard of the chatbot from OpenAI.

  • Of those who have heard of ChatGPT, 52% have never used it.
  • And the students who said they do fire up ChatGPT…don’t use it all that much, as 55% of respondents who said they’ve used ChatGPT do so “almost never.”

Of course, ChatGPT was released just a few months ago—so in a sense it is quite remarkable that 60% of college students have heard of it. Still, it hasn’t made major inroads on college campuses yet, even while many instructors warn the new tech could create havoc in the classroom.

Uses for ChatGPT

Among the students who do use ChatGPT…what are they using it for?

  • For giggles: 71% of students who’ve used ChatGPT said they use it in part for entertainment or just for fun.
  • As Google: 32% of students who’ve used ChatGPT said they use it in part for quick answers to simple questions, and 31% to understand complex topics.
  • For…cheating? 17% of students who’ve heard of ChatGPT said they have direct knowledge of friends having used ChatGPT to cheat.


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